Less Expensive Mock Trial Preparation

Litigation is expensive. Lawyers and experts usually charge by the hour. Seeing as time is money and travel consumes both time and money, a great deal of mock trial preparation costs can be lessened by cutting excess time and travel.

To understand what parts to cut, let’s look first at traditional ways of conducting mock trials. The mock jurors meet at a central location along with several attorneys, expert witnesses, and law witnesses. All of these people are either compensated for their travel to the central location and/or inconvenienced in traveling for the mock trial. The real trial must occur in this fashion, but you can control the conduct of a mock trial. If you want to conduct more mock trials, you need to assemble all of these people again at a central location.

Now observe how you can save costs for mock trials by using simple tools. Have the opening and closing arguments recorded and play the recordings for the mock jury. You can use the same recordings for later mock juries for the same case. Consider filming the witness testimony for the same reasons.

For further cost savings, don’t have the mock jurors meet at a central location. Instead, engage the mock jurors online, avoiding the inconvenience and costs of travel. Another convenience would be allowing them to provide their critiques online, perhaps in templates for prompt feedback analysis.

Using tools readily available can serve to enhance your preparation and cut down on excess costs.

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